Motivation from Within-Fire Yourself up!


“To be born is luck but to live is a must”; a common saying among the Africans alludes to the fact that it’s upon you to decide the kind of life you want to live. You can choose to live happily or sad and complaining.
One would have wished that the journey of life was a walk in the park, but this is like a mirage.
Hard work, resilience and commitment are essential to achieving your goals in life or living your purpose.
Storms, discouragement, sometimes failures and distractions make it difficult to walk through the journey. You’ve often come to a point in life when you feel like giving up, or you’re already there.
That is how to stay motivated;

1. The gift of life is something you must appreciate:

For you to conquer life battles, you must make a deliberate effort to remain fired up all through, no matter the circumstances. That crippling mentality which tells you it’s impossible must be overcome with a deep conviction that your life is a gift from the creator; appreciate this and stop focusing on how thing is not going right. When your attitude is positive, it becomes easy to forge a formidable front against life challenges. At the end of it, you will realize that it was not bad at all- therefore conquer your inner self first and the game is over.

2. Don’t lose focus of the big picture:

Whenever you are faced with the glaring reality that things are wrong and are going against our expectations, it is easy to give up on the present circumstances and forget that there was a life goal to be achieved.
Difficulties and distractions will always present themselves in life, and the truth is that they must come at some point. When you keep the focus and deliberately choose to conquer them, that’s is your ‘stepping stone’ to greatness. Here you acquire better skills to deal with such in the future and learn how to avoid the unnecessary.
Remember, you have a purpose for existence, you have a goal to attain, you cannot afford to stop at any passing challenge. Where there is a will, there is a way.

3. Time is of essence:

Research has shown that the successful people have something in common, they plan their time well. Time wasted can never be recovered because it is fixed; time does not grow, and therefore one must choose to be a good student.
Alan Lakein, the all time celebrated author of personal time management says,
“Time=life, waste your time and lose your life too, master time and master your life.”
Life opportunities are missed when one lives a lazy and idle life. There is a lot of happiness when one manages time well; when you realize that “it was time well spent”-there is a feeling of worthiness and a reason to live and pursue that goal.
Happiness is what makes you live hoping for a better tomorrow, don’t mess it up.

4. Celebrating your achievements:

Life is about self motivation-an inner force that tells you to forge ahead, that you are the best, that there is no better life without you. This mental stamina is grown by celebrating every achievement in life. Take time off your schedule, thank, treat yourself. You can choose to go to that right place you have ever admired. Pat yourself on the back. If you are an African or you have the blood flowing in you, “slaughter a cow.”
That replenishes your energy and gives you a firm footing for the tasks ahead.

5. Remember your maker:

To stay motivated, you must realize that some being was involved in creating you. That He is the giver of life, good health and the source of everything. Thus there must be an intimate connection between you and Him. You can do this through prayer and meditation. Spare valuable time and talk to him. That will energize you and give you assurance and protection as you go through the journey.
Whenever you come across the difficult moments in life, turn to Him, and when the storms of life seem too heavy to bear, you can rest assured, he will be there with you.

6. Regular exercise:

When you exercise regularly, you find your inner force, it’s a way of getting creative and tapping your natural motivations. Morning workouts make you alert and get you prepared to tackle the tasks ahead of you. Energy stimulating hormones are released to prepare you even for a stressful day.
The assurance that exercise makes you healthy and fit is also a motivation that you have no hindrance to doing the best. Get on that treadmill, pull the yoga mat-it pays.
For those who are busy from morning till late in the night, make your commute a workout; walking, biking or running to work will give you good results and spare your time as well.

7. Choose excellence as a routine:

It’s a choice. If you have taught yourself to believe in some certain life limitations, it is possible for you to teach yourself how to unlearn them. What you do daily over time will ultimately form your belief system and your behavior. You can decide to do it until you become an expert. It calls for persistence and diligence. It doesn’t matter the many times you fail, always wake up, dust yourself and remember, you have a goal to achieve and nothing short.

8. Identify your greatest source of inspiration:

Is it by calling someone who encourages you? Or is it by reading that book, listening to that inspiration message or song, Go for it. In the morning engage it, it will give you the energy to face life. When doing an activity, sometimes you may feel discouraged or weak, turn to any of these sources, and you will be surprised that after a while, you will have gained back the momentum.

9. An environment that unlocks your energy and motivation:

For some, it’s sunbathing at the beach, watching a movie, sitting near the swimming pool. An environment or company that energizes you and makes you see a reason for living is worth spending time in.

Above all remember the words of Tony Robbins, that;
“Setting goals is the first move in turning the invisible to visible.”
Go ahead, set the goals, achieve them, you have what it takes.


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